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How do I buy something

  1. First you find a product you are interested in.
  2. Change the quantity if you want more than one then click on add.
  3. Your cart will be displayed with charges and the parcel weight displayed.
  4. Change your country to see charges and prices in a a range of  local currencies.
  5. Add more products to your cart as required.
  6. Finally click the checkout box when you are viewing your cart
  7. This will give you a range of payment methods. Using the secure server ensures that your information is transmitted safely to us.
  8. If paying by credit card, enter your details and click on Submit.

  9. If all your details are verified then you will receive an order number for future reference.
  10. Try registering with us to make future ordering easier.
  11. Happy shopping.


    What is the price in my own currency.

    You can check your price by adding something to your cart then when viewing your cart select your country.
    All major currencies are displayed.
    If your currency is not displayed you will be shown the price in pounds as well as dollars.

    What payment methods are there

    You can pay with most major credit cards using our secure server. Alternatively you can order by post or fax or despatch payment by wire transfer.

    My cart is empty although I added something.

    The shopping cart uses a browser facility called 'cookies'. If you are using an older browser then it is possible that your browser does not have this. In this case you will need to keep a note of the items you require and get in touch with us by Email.
    If you have an upto date browser then it is possible you have turned this facility off. Check your  'Internet Options' in Explorer or 'Preferences' in Netscape.
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    Why can't I buy from more than one shop.

    Each shop has its own method of despatch and pricing. This means that you will need to place an order with one shop before moving to another.
    Try registering with us to make future ordering easier.

    The Bullnet Organisation

    What can Bullnet do for my organisation.

    Bullnet can offer you a wide range of services whether you are setting up a business or have an existing business.
    From setting up internet cafes (we have our own) to hosting shops, to setting up intranets there is probably an area where our expertise can help.

    Services on offer include :-

    See our services pages for fuller descriptions.

    Product Information

    I need to know more about the products


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